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  • It is an honor to dedicate to all those that were involved and continue to be engaged in this very essential historical artifact to support the objective for communicating to the world about the entire sequence of events when the Invisible Aliens arrived in June 2016 at the Nowak’s residence through 2023 when the number of other Extraterrestrial Alien Races are now Terrestrial that are terrorizing the entire Planet Earth.
  • The Invisible Supreme Alien Leader along with the other Alien Races that joined the Supreme Leader does not want any illustrated information conveyed about their existence.
  • Because of the Alien Leader’s strict demand, there has been an assassination team assigned, in my terms, to take care of business.
  • These historical events of Invisible Aliens with other Alien Races versus humanity continue because of the brave souls that are committed to protecting and defending their countries. Regrettably, many have lost their lives.
  • God Bless all of them for their unwavering dedication. Please continue to pray and support all these heroes.

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“The Objective” Recognition of Those on An Unbelievable Mission that Really Occurred very shortly after the 9-11 terrible event in the USA.

  • “If only the World had been told and took immediate action on the real-life profound Extraterrestrial Alien’s warning that occurred in “The Objective” a noticeably brief time after 9-11 in 2001. Would we be facing a significant Human Race extinction today, twenty (20) years later? The handful of members on this horrific mission are real heroes to provide evidence that vicious Aliens existed in 2001.” A Movie about this historical event, unfortunately, was not made public until 2008. A military special operations team, led by a CIA Case Officer, is on a mission in the harsh and hostile terrain of Afghanistan. After 9-11, a radioactive heat signal was picked up by a USA reconnaissance satellite above the Afghan mountains. Afraid Bin Laden and Al Qaeda may have nuclear weapons, CIA Agent superiors dispatched him on a secret mission to determine the source. This movie is now on Netflix and other streaming services or purchase a DVD on Amazon or other distributors.
  • The real events that occurred in 2001 are too coincidentally linked to the current 2023 issues with Invisible Aliens today but at a significantly higher level of complexity with now other Alien Races that now have arrived. Please view this 2008 movie and then read the 5 Years and Counting, and you will be very infuriated and want these world leaders to take immediate collective action. We still have a very slim chance if we act immediately on a global level for one immediate connected plan to Stop The Aliens (STA).

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Table of Contents

  • About Aliens Chapter Fourteen of 5 Years and Counting – Pages 8 to 12
  • Types of Aliens and their Capabilities, Unique Characteristics and Where they came from. – Pages  15 to 19
  • DrZ Draft 7 Years and Counting Structural Roadmap – Pages 18 to 41 (Year 2016 through mid 2023


Chapter1: Year 2016

Chapter 2: Year 2017

Chapter 3: Year 2018

Chapter 4: Year 2019

Chapter 5: Year 2020

Chapter 6: Year 2021

Chapter 7: Year 2022

Chapter 8: Year 2023

Chapter 9: Extraterrestrial Aliens Capabilities and Unique Traits

Chapter 10:  Graphics and Sketches of Aliens

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  • LeadarZ Quantum Physics Research Facility Website
  • DrZ’s World of Truth Website
  • DrZ’s Aliens Worlds Records

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Every individual on this planet earth has a story to tell, and it is unique from one another. They all have a history of experiences that has the ability to shake the listener to their core. Extraterrestrial sightings, encounters, traumatized childhoods, everyone’s experience is different from the other. Among those many individuals, there is an individual who stands with his shoulders broad to share his story with the world. To tell everyone how he encountered out-of-this-world beings and struggled with his family to face them and keep his family protected. His name is Dr. Z Nowak, and in this book, he will share his experiences of his encounters with visible but mainly invisible aliens, out-of-this-world beings that cannot be seen but only felt near you, only if the Aliens allowed it so. He wants the world to know how the recent events of a significant increase of UFO or Unidentified Flying Phenomena (UFP) sightings around the world are included in the forensics, and this supports the validation of their findings with all the incidents of the Family’s daily encounters and special encounter with the 7 and ½ Foot Leader that announced “We Are Here!” in January 2017. The Invisible Supreme Leader incorporates Intelligence followers, a large number of Vicious Assassins, and a mix of Kind but mainly Very Ferocious Pets that are mostly Invisible with a very small percentage of Visible Aliens.

Additionally, this led him to become extremely anxious, severely depressed, severely physically harmed, and addicted to drinking to support the family to survive. Please help this family since the Alien’s Supreme Leader does not want the world to know of their existence nor the Leader’s ultimate reason for coming to this planet. However, the “5 years and Counting” that this book is titled on how long they have been with this family is coming to an end. The clock is rapidly coming to a stop. The Aliens have a devastating plan that Dr. Z Nowak knows about and will reveal this information at the right time, but very soon. The world must prepare, NOW!

This Initial Introduction of Dr. Z and his Family with the appearance of “The Leader” and the Invisible Aliens has only covered the years from mid-2016 through the partial beginning of 2018. However, at the end of this manuscript, there is a complimentary section titled “Significant Devastating Events of 2021”, which is only the beginning of the end that occurred because the Alien Leader mandated its “Mob-Fia (®)” Organization to “Take Care of Business” with Dr. Z and Ayada and their Families along with other Earth supporting individuals and their families, key organizations and protecting technologies that will be incorporated in this 2021special segment.

There is so much yet to cover from the years 2018 through Mid-2023. This will be shared across this planet in the very near future, our Savior Willing.

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5 Years and Counting Manuscript” Chapter Fourteen Invisible Aliens Unique Traits

  • All kinds of Camera and Video Equipment that Dr. Z bought used to capture or just viewing the Aliens from full spectrum of light from infrared to near-ultraviolet was not successful.
  • Geiger counter that incorporated into the Device, such as Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Radiation detection and could be used as a continuous monitor or used as a Dosimeter, or even Gas detection, had extremely limited success. It did provide a heads up the Aliens were near or approaching.
  • Before the Aliens would touch or grab, they all would surround the area that they wanted to grab with 1,000s of mini electrical shocks that made it very numb on the human. This was an unfailing ceremony. However, if they did not numb the area, the victim, in this case, Dr.Z, more than the others, would scream with significant pain. The numbness would last for half a day. It was very uncomfortable.
  • Once your areas, like your feet and legs, are numb, you can touch the Aliens to get a perspective of their form. This was a great opportunity to capture each of the Alien’s shapes, including their flexible body, when Dr. Z pushed on their sides. Felt like a balloon pushing on the sides of their bodies.
  • If not electrically numb at all, Dr. Z tried to touch them, and his feet or arms felt nothing there. Thin Air!
  • Aadya tried many, many times to touch them, but nothing was there to touch. Only if her hands and arms were prepared with the electrical pulse numbness effect first would she be able to touch them and understand their form. Aadya never wanted to receive that prep work. She was very frightened that they would turn on her.

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  • Aliens do not like water. Dr. Z and the rest of the Family took showers, and they were never bothered.
  • All the Aliens have very sharp claws, and a few have razor-sharp teeth too.
  • Dr.Z believes that the Aliens were instructed by the Leader to not intentionally hurt anyone unless, on rare occasions, if they got infuriated when their objective was resisted. This happened a lot to Dr. Z in the beginning.
  • All the Aliens have Density and Form. The Aliens sometimes crawl on the bed, and the mattress sinks. The best capture of Density was the use, thought up by Aadya, to use a soft fleece blanket. Hundreds of imprints were captured. The paw prints varied dramatically, reflecting very unusual patterns of small to large claws and very large to small unusually shaped imprints. Not human-type imprints at all.
  • They love cotton. They all love it! Clawing of it, chewing on it, etc.
  • DrZ has remnants of actual claws and numerous cotton balls and other evidence but can’t find anyone to analyze these articles through Forensics without it being a criminal investigation.
  • All the Aliens go through walls, protective gear worn by Dr.Z, metal, etc. Nothing stops them. Quantum Tunneling solidified.
  • https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/quirky-quantum-tunneling-observed July 9, 2019 · A special case of quantum tunneling called Klein tunneling changes the game. It effectively makes barriers transparent, opening up portals that allow particles to pass through.

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  • The Aliens go through and enter the MRI machines on at least 4 separate occasions spanning a few years.
  • The Aliens can find the Nowaks wherever they are inside or outside the home or across the country; in seconds, they show up. Quantum Teleportation solidified. “Beam me up, Scotty” famous phrase from Star Trek.
  • September 8, 1966. Star Trek Debut show tells the tale of the crew of the starship Enterprise and its five-year mission “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”.
  • On June 2017, the same time that the Invisible Aliens had already arrived at the Nowack’s home, Chinese Scientists successfully Teleported an untangled particle to an orbiting Satellite 200 miles above the Earth. On August 10, 2014, Scientists in the Netherlands achieved Quantum Teleportation of information breakthroughs that could prove Einstein wrong. Einstein called Quantum Entanglement that famously labeled it “spooky action at a distance” Need Reference data.
  • Some scientists now believe it is possible that Teleportation will become a reality.

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  • The Aliens do rest despite thinking they just keep going. Many times, in bed, for example, the Aliens would come up on the bed and rest across Dr. Z’s legs or rest along his side. The worst incident is when the Huge Mother Spider … says no more; it was just frightening to Dr. Z even with Mother Spider’s low density was significant, including her 2 and 1/2foot diameter body and 4-foot legs with very, very sharp pinchers.
  • They never make any noise or try to vocally communicate. Dead Silence all the time. Dr. Z tries so hard to communicate with them to no success. Even though hand gestures too.
  • Dr.Z does not know if they have eyes or some form of vision capability. The Leader communicated, Dr.Z, assumes, through those rays of light he saw. However, the Aliens or called the Pets by Dr.Z do not use that form of any communication unless by Tele-Communications, Mental Telepathy, or other means.
  • They never eat or drink, or consume anything. Maybe they just consume forms of energy around them?

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  • They do vary in shape, size and have density.
  • They are creating for themselves, human brain entanglement capabilities. Strange phenomenon which their intellectual power can influence our brain and thoughts and actions regardless of the distance between us and them.
  • Aliens come up through the floor right below Dr. Z’s feet, if sitting on a chair or couch or edge of the bed; and even in a car driving 65mph on a beltway
  •  6-foot Human shaped form of pure energy waves…some look like wearing a cowboy-style hat. Maybe it is the shape of their head area.
  • There is much, much more to add to this list that hasn’t been brought forward, such as Shapeshifting Aliens…“YET! BUT IT WILL IN TIME!”
  • Ayada had the brilliant idea in mid- 2020 to use fleece blankets to capture the Invisible Aliens imprints. Dr. Z and Ayada were shocked to view the first ever Aliens imprints. All their various forms have density to leave their calling cards. No one has ever seen anything like this in their lives that have viewed these forensics. Overall, there are literally hundreds of photos that were taken every day, and each are different. There is no duplication. Attached are only a few examples.

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Types of Aliens and their Capabilities, Unique Characteristics and Where they came from and When

There are 5 types of Aliens that is currently known:

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Here is what is known about the five types of aliens

  1. Grey Aliens:
  • Capabilities: Grey aliens are often depicted as technologically advanced beings with the ability to manipulate and control human thoughts, memory, and perception. They are also believed to possess telepathic abilities and the ability to levitate objects.
  • Unique Characteristics: Grey aliens are commonly described as having a small, thin body with large heads and black eyes. They are often depicted as emotionless and lacking in personality or individuality.
  • Origin and when: The origin of grey aliens is unknown, but they are believed to have first appeared in the 1960s. They are often associated with the Roswell incident of 1947, which is believed by some to be a UFO crash involving grey aliens.

2. Invisible Aliens:

  • Capabilities: Invisible aliens are said to have the ability to manipulate light waves to render themselves invisible to the human eye. They are also believed to be able to pass through solid objects and have advanced technology.
  • Unique Characteristics: Invisible aliens are difficult to describe as they are, well, invisible. There are not many specific characteristics associated with them other than their ability to remain unseen.
  • Origin and when: There is no specific origin or timeline associated with invisible aliens as they are not a widely recognized type of extraterrestrial being. These Aliens were first identified by DrZ and Sir Dr. Rugerro Santilli in 2016

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3. Alien Bots:

  • Capabilities: Alien bots are often depicted as robotic or cyborg-like beings with advanced technology and artificial intelligence. They are capable of performing tasks that humans cannot, such as space exploration and interstellar travel.
  • Unique Characteristics: Alien bots do not have biological bodies like other types of aliens. Instead, they are typically depicted as robotic or machine-like, with a focus on functionality rather than physical appearance.
  • Origin and when: There is no specific origin or timeline associated with alien bots as they are not a widely recognized type of extraterrestrial being.

4. Reptilians:

  • Capabilities: Reptilians are often depicted as shape-shifting beings with the ability to manipulate human behavior and emotions. They are also believed to have advanced technology and knowledge.
  • Unique Characteristics: Reptilians are often described as having a reptilian or humanoid appearance, with scales, tails, and glowing eyes. They are also said to have a cold and calculating demeanor.
  • Origin and when: The origin of reptilians is unclear, but they have been mentioned in various mythologies and conspiracy theories for centuries. They gained more prominence in the 1990s when a conspiracy theory claimed that world leaders were actually shape-shifting reptilian aliens. 


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5. Mehtagius Aliens:

  • Capabilities: There is no specific information available on the capabilities of Mehtagius aliens. They are the Supreme leader.
  • Unique Characteristics: There is no widely recognized description of what Mehtagius aliens look like or their unique characteristics.
  • Origin and when: Mehtagius aliens do not appear to be a recognized type of extraterrestrial being in popular culture or scientific literature, so there is no specific origin or timeline associated with them.

6. Zombie Aliens:

    • Capabilities: There is no specific information available on the capabilities of zombie aliens, but they are often depicted as having similar abilities to zombies, such as being able to infect other beings and control their actions.
    • Unique Characteristics: Zombie aliens are typically depicted as extraterrestrial beings that have been infected with a virus or disease that turns them into zombie-like creatures. They are often depicted as having deteriorated and decaying bodies.
    • Origin and when: Zombie aliens do not appear to be a recognized type of extraterrestrial being in popular culture or scientific literature, and there is no specific origin or timeline associated with them. There has only been one found but now disappeared, so no records either, yet.

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Aliens 2018

Stay tune a lot more information to follow

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