Jeff's Shapeshifters


 Jeff: thank you for joining us today. We’d like to hear more about your  experience working at the renowned book publishing company and the intriguing encounters  you had with those two individuals. Can you walk us through what happened?

Jeff: Absolutely. It all started when I was working on a project for Dr. Z at the publishing  company. One day, two new employees joined the office, and they instantly stood out. They  had an undeniable charm and easily connected with everyone. They were so likeable that  they even threw a lunch party for the entire office within their first week, something unheard  of in our workplace. They managed to gather all of us for a group photo, which was quite  unusual.

However, I couldn’t shake off a strange vibe I got from them. Although everyone loved them,  I felt a mix of jealousy and fear. A few months prior, there had been a strange encounter  involving my teammate Aiden, and given the top-classification nature of Dr. Z’s project, it  made me wary.

On that fateful day, October 10th, 2022, I returned to the office feeling exhausted after a  sleepless night of heavy drinking. As I arrived late, my boss, Sylvia, scolded me, and I  hurried to the washroom to freshen up. To my horror, I found those two guys inside, but their  reflections weren’t visible in the mirrors. It felt as if my legs lost their strength as I witnessed  this unsettling sight. I tried to avoid confrontation and hastily turned to leave, but before I  could escape, I felt a tentacle-like object grasping at my neck.


10th October 2022 : Moments before the attack when Jeff tried to click a picture of the alien, where the reflection of the person  is not visible.

10th October 2022 : A snapshot taken by the Memorial Hospital’s Staff to figure out the attack.

I managed to break free and immediately alerted the senior staff. They rushed to the scene  with a special stone that kept the aliens at bay, but to our astonishment, those two guys had  vanished without a trace. We attempted to track their phone records but found that all  evidence of their presence had been erased. As I scrolled through the group picture we had  taken, I was shocked to discover that the two individuals were not visible in the photograph  either.

08th August 2022 : Group Image of the lunch party, aliens are covered with a weird white glow even though the entire image is  sharp; Jeff (the fourth one from left)

Interviewer: That sounds incredibly bizarre and unnerving, Jeff. It seems like there was  something truly otherworldly about those two individuals. Did you ever find any answers or  further encounters related to them? Those images you showed me are even scarring me out  while we speak?


Jeff: Unfortunately, after that incident, there were no further encounters with those  individuals, and we couldn’t find any concrete answers. Remembering that incident or  narrating it to anyone still gives me goosebumps, the whole experience left me puzzled and  intrigued. It made me question the true nature of their presence in the office and what their  intentions might have been. It’s a mystery that remains unsolved to this day.