All our products are guided by three important principles: With one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures, our products are secure by default. We strictly uphold responsible data practices so every product we build is private by design. And we create easy to use privacy and security settings so you’re in control.

Privacy is the right to control how your information is viewed and used, while security is protection against threats or danger. In the digital world, security generally refers to the unauthorized access of data, often involving protection against hackers or cyber criminals.

We understand that the most important topic of all is regarding the Security applying on Dr Z’s World of Truth.
As a commitment to ensure credibility and completeness to ,Security to protect your rights as well as any relevant legal frameworks and industry standards that the company adheres to. A Security plan will be a formal
document where “World of Truth” Policy and Procedures will include protecting and safeguarding personnel and all information
and sensitive data that are documented. This Policy and set of Procedure’s documents will always be maintained with current laws
and regulations to also safeguard the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of its data while also mitigating any cyber threats.