Visible "Tree Creature" Alien from Antimatter Galaxy


This Alien first appeared around 10pm on April 29, 2021-and has been here every day and night since then.

Around 10pm Thursday April 29, 2021:

“Tree Creature” Alien I called this form – fully visible- dark brown all over including its branches – no leaves. Looked like an older type of tree but shorter.

It came storming in so fast at around 10pm right through the main entrance door to the house storming directly at me while I was sitting on the couch watching TV and had the iPhone in my right hand. “The Tree Creature” made no sounds grabbed the iPhone and I immediately pulled back and it quickly pushed me away so very hard than escaped like a flash of light out the main entrance door. All I saw was its’ branches bouncing around in front of me. I don’t remember If it had a face or how it even moved from once place to another. I don’t think it was happy.


Since April 20th and all this week of the 25th has been a disaster for Dr.Z. Dr.Z had been having pain from his left hip area all the way down his Left leg to his foot; from the Left hip to his left toes and the pain will not go away and it is getting much worse. Ten+++ out of base Ten level for worse Pain!

He saw his Johns Hopkins Spinal Surgeon on the April 23rd and had an MRI that afternoon. The MRI showed severe arthritis in is lower lumbar pushing two discs L4 and L5 into the spine causes the severe pain. Surgery would be very risky.

On Wednesday, Dr.Z was going to have an epidermal at 1:40pm to relieve the pain but the providing Doctor at the Pain Specialists refused to medicate Dr.Z since his wounded right leg looked infected even though a Dermatologist has been taking care of Dr.Z through antibiotics, etc. Therefore, the whole process failed Dr.Z to get pain relief. Now, he has to confront the Aliens and wait until ?????…No one can tell him. Therefore, Dr.Z is trying as fast he can to try to heal the right leg before receiving the epidermal to ease the severe pain in the left leg. While at the same time, confront this new “Tree Creature” Alien that is very aggressive..



On Friday April 30, 2021, at roughly 10pm:

The “Tree Creature” Alien was seen by Dr.z from the couch in the living room. The Alien was behind the Chair in the corner.
He must have been invisible than turned visible since this Alien was so obvious to observe. Immediately, Dr.z grabbed his iPhone 12 pro to get at least one photo or some video.

At a flash, the “Tree Creature” Alien knocked the camera out of Dr.z’s hand and his hand was really stinging of pain. The Alien went after the iPhone and Dr.z too. Dr.z picked it up first and the “Tree Creature” knocked it out of Dr.z’s hands again.

At that same moment since there was so much noise inside the house Zinda was screaming at the top of her lungs and running from the upper-level bedroom to the main level.

The “Tree Creature” Alien instantaneously evacuated the home. Zinda was hugging Dr.z on the floor by the couch assuming he fell asleep and fell off the couch on the hardwood floor, asking if he was okay. Dr.z told her hardly anything that really happened. If she really knew the overall truth, Zinda would get so upset about these Aliens. By the way, on the 30th at 11:00 am, Zinda had her video telemedicine face to face call with Johns Hopkins Dr. *****  that takes care of Zinda for her microscopic colitis issues and acid reflux issues. Zinda told Dr. ***** that the new prescriptions and her delicate care has really helped her. Zinda said to her that no one has helped her more than Dr. ***** . She meant IT!!! God bless


Return of Lefty & New Righty and the Others - 4th Day

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, at roughly 4:00am:

The “Tree Creature” Alien did not awaken Dr.z but Lefty and New Righty and the others surely did.

The current homebased Invisible Aliens stayed away when “Tree Creature” Alien was around and came back when they felt the other hardnosed Alien was really gone.

Dr.z sure didn’t mind the pulling of his socks and bending of his toes while the others quietly rubbed against Dr.z and even Zinda.

Dr.z caught a few of the Aliens he hadn’t named yet except for “Cautious Calm” Alien nesting on her side and one above Zinda in her nice big bed and huge long pillow.

Dr.z attached the following:

MRI and X-Rays Results from Dr. *****.

Photos of the Right Leg a month ago and now Meds from Dr. ************ (Cosmetician Dermatologist) My Meds List now includes:

Dr. ***** has prescribed for me Oxycodone 5mg (for pain) enough for 10 days and 7 days of Methylprednisolone 4mg tablets for helping the right leg. The right leg was initially Injured by that “Mean” Alien that caused this mess and “Needle Nose” Alien that kept poking at that pinched nerve area. This Alien, in my mind, was directed by the Leaders to accelerate this pain.